Vocal Group Amabile
Vocal Group Amabile conducted by Evelyne Béché - Ensemble Vocal Amabile dirigé par Evelyne Béché - Le Mans - Sarthe - Chant choral
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Vocal group Amabile

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Conducted by Evelyne Béché

The Vocal Group Amabile is recruiting

16 singers (men and women) who know sol-fa at sight-reading
Evelyne Béché, chef de choeur - Sarthe - Le Mans - chorale
Eclectic programme, beautiful works from Renaissance to Today, a cappella.

The number of singers is voluntarily reduced, which permits to work the homogeneity and the color of the choir, to focus on interpretation and musicality, all in a serious and relaxed working atmosphere.

Recruitment is by audition and interview (singers who know sol-fa with goodk knowledge of vocal technique, singers in the 3rd cycle of music school, etc.).

Rehearsals once a month in the form of a mini workshop.

Contact : ensemble.vocal.amabile@evelynebeche.fr  

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